Board Roles, Requirements and Guidelines

  1. Member of FMVA
  2. Eight hours per month (2-4 hours meetings and 4-6 hours working/developing projects) 96 hours/year.
  3. Attend 12 board meetings (3 absentees – bylaws states 25%).
    1. Can’t attend? Email the secretary and president.
    2. Review board agendas before meetings.
    3. Add items to agenda.
    4. Review minutes and vote.
    5. Board meetings start on time. If president is not there, start the meeting.
  4. Each board member will be active in at least one committee.
    1. Attend the committee meetings. Committee meets nine times per year.
    2. Maintain/regulate/provide structure for the committee (so the committee stays alive).
    3. Set up committee yearly goals.
    4. Find people for the committee.
    5. Establish a chair or co-chairs for the committee (does not have to be the board member).
    6. Board member will update the board at monthly meetings.
  5. Board members are encouraged to volunteer and promote FMVA (Some ideas include transportation for art shows, be a visual talks presenter or a workshop instructor, develop a new event, or create promotional items).
  1. Recruit for and promote FMVA
  2. Attend FMVA functions.
  3. Attend four FMVA members’ functions per year (President and VP attend 12 each/year).
  4. Represent FMVA professionally. Be a cheerleader!

2016 Strategic Plan Update: A Working Document

The mission of the FMVA: To educate, encourage, enable and inspire visual artists and their communities. In order to fulfill this mission we have established the following goals and objectives.
Goal # 1: Be a strong, vocal, and visible leader and advocate for artists in the community.
How FMVA attains this goal: -FMVA is a member of Arts North Dakota. -FMVA is a member of Arts Partnership. -FMVA takes local work to regional exhibits. -FMVA assists with community endeavors such as the Sunny the Bison repair and the Sidewalk Poetry fund. -FMVA promotes its members. -FMVA provides guidance to sister organizations in promoting the Visual Arts.
Goal # 2: Provide opportunities for the community to gain exposure to local artists and gain an appreciation for their work.
How FMVA attains this goal: -Provide opportunities for artists to show their work. -Commit to quality arts programming, while broadening, deepening and diversifying the audiences’ programmed events. -Expand programming reach to the community through the FMVA’s Big Show, Little Show, Constraint Show, Art Educators Exhibit, Holiday Art Sale, and Studio Crawl. -Host Meet and Greets. -Host Visual Talks. -Have a strong presence on social media. -Plan and execute the Gallery Crawl in 2017.
Goal # 3: Create and maintain a sustainable, healthy artistic organization.
How FMVA attains this goal: -Build the board by strengthening recruitment and developing new leaders and experienced volunteers. -Provide more resources (handbook etc.) to maximize the efficiency of the board and the executive committee. -Increase the engagement of the volunteers who serve FMVA. -Increase the role of committees through effective work for FMVA. -Stay aware of best practices in non-profit organizations (ex. on-boarding in-service). -Create ongoing budget. -Create institutional documents for ongoing endeavors and the organization in general. -Build further community engagement in the arts through partnerships with businesses, non-profits, and government agencies. -Document current practices and maintain records. -Provide board education. -Provide professional development opportunities for members. -Provide opportunities to participate in Arts Lab. -Review and analyze SMART goals. -Encourage audience participation and sponsorships. -Demonstrate a focus on responsibility and sustainability in supporting the arts.
Goal #4: Be a communication source for information and education about the artistic opportunities in the community.
How FMVA attains this goal: Internal: -Newsletter -Membership Directory and Image Registry (member profiles) -Professional development committee suggestions -Website, Facebook, and Twitter -E-update of events   External: -Media releases of events -Facebook and Twitter -Website -Newspaper advertising -Local magazines -Lobby local media to gain recognition and print space -Provide promotional items -Raise FMVA visibility – create FMVA member stories
Goal #5: Promote a culture of having more fun with art through social engagements.
How FMVA attains this goal: -Be a board member and/or serve on a committee. Draw Ins -Studio Crawl -Art Burn -Critiques -Visiting Artists Studio (VAS) -Gallery Crawl – 2017 -Participate in community events such as ChalkFest, Streets Alive, Pride, Midwest Kid Fest, Share a Story, and Dragon Fest.
The FMVA Strategic Plan provides a path for a healthy and stable arts organization by cultivating the local artistic community and creating opportunities for exposure to the community through the expansion of its programs and events aimed at the ongoing engagement of the artists with the community. Through a redoubled effort to increase the opportunities for interaction of the artists with the community, FMVA will strengthen the communities’ understanding of the visual arts. The goals, strategies, and action steps noted in the multi-year plan are realized through the continued development of a high-performing organization where strategy is aligned with day-to-day operations, championed by a highly engaged board, and led by a strong membership committed to advancing the visual arts in the community.