FMVA Draw-Ins are social gatherings for artists to have fun, explore creativity, and venture to unique locations.
Past Draw-Ins: August 3, 2015 @ Riverside Cemetery FMVA members gathered in the oldest and largest cemetery in Fargo.  Members explored, sketched, painted and experienced nature and wildlife in the cemetery. * Special note on artwork derived from cemeteries: Do not focus on specific grave markings (names) to pay respect to the families. cemetery aa2 es ij1              
June 1, 2015 @ Elevate - Rooftop, 210 Broadway, Fargo Skyline:  FMVA members gathered on the rooftop of the Loretta Building and took photos and sketched downtown Fargo. roof 6 roof 4 roof 3              
March 26, 2015 @ HoDo Stokers Lounge Sketching Images from poetry:  Our fist Draw In featured Kevin Zepper, MSUM professor and poet, reading poems.  During and after the reading, artists drew the thoughts the poem evoked. poetry 1 poetry 2 m poetry 3 r poetry s 1