The FMVA hosts a variety of socials to allow members to network, get feedback, and learn from their peers.  fmvacritiqueswebslideCritiques are social gatherings that bring artists and art lovers together to talk about art. Bring a couple pieces of your art to talk about with other art enthusiasts. fmvatalkswebslideVisual Talks are hosted in partnership with Plains Art Museum. Guest artists talk about how and why they make their work. DSC_0699 Draw Ins are new!  Draw Ins are social gatherings for artists to congregate and have some fun exploring creativity and venturing to unique locations. The Art Burn is a ceremonial and social event that incorporates the concepts of release and catharsis with the purpose of preparing for the new year’s creative ventures. Visiting Artists Studios Seize this opportunity to visit an artist you may have missed during the studio crawl or familiarize yourself with a new local artist!  Visit creatives & makers in their own personal working space.  These educational events are free and open to the public.